The Simple Way to Craft a Micro-Influencer Strategy That Delivers Results

scraawl-micro-influencers2-1Are you a small or medium-sized business that is struggling to reach customers via social media?

If so, the people you need to look for aren’t necessarily those with hundreds of thousands of followers and profiles in major daily newspapers. The superstars of social media have plenty of reach but are rarely the most cost effective option. They can choose offers from corporations with massive marketing budgets – not an option that small businesses can consider. (more…)

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Influence Discovery in Social Networks

influenceInfluence discovery in social media has gained a lot of attention recently. Brands and agencies are often looking for tools that will help them identify key influencers in certain communities of interest, or help them to understand the influence their brands or executives have in their social networks. The underlying need to identify influencers is driven by the hypothesis that working with these key influencers, brands can leverage the influencers’ presence in the community of interest to propagate brand messaging. Studying influencers also provides brands with insights into why and how members in a community might react to certain messaging. (more…)

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Webinar: The Social Media Analytics Tool None of Your Competitors Know About

Join us for a webinar on Sep 22, 2016 at 1:30 PM EDT for an in-depth journey at how advanced social media analytics will enable you to engage more prospects, produce the most effective marketing, have a granular look into your brand sentiment and much more!

Webinar is hosted by Echo Analytics Group, a Scraawl certified partner and a proven leader in social analysis, training and consulting services. Their team of experts and subject matter experts use a proven analytic process to help brands quantify performance, drive strategic decision making, and improve brand awareness.


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IAI announces the release of Scraawl 2.0, a social network analytics tool for brand monitoring and brand reputation management

scraawlhomepageIntelligent Automation, Inc. (IAI), today announced the release of Scraawl v2.0 (, a cloud-based social media and open-source data analytics tool that offers brands and agencies a comprehensive solution to listen, search, extract, and analyze social media conversations to gain actionable insights. (more…)

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Discovering Communities in Social Networks

socialnetworkDepending on the social network, a search for posts based on keywords or tags can return hundreds of thousands, even millions of posts. For example, a Twitter search on the keyword Rio2016 resulted in over 30 million tweets.  As one can imagine, even though all of the posts in this large corpus contain the keyword, there is in fact a wide variety of topics being discussed in these posts. There were communities of users discussing specific events such as the opening or closing ceremonies, while others were talking about medalists in one or more of the events such as aquatics, track and field, or gymnastics. Similarly, others were re-tweeting or posting about individual athletes such as Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, or Usain Bolt. Some users were even posting about or retweeting celebrities such as Katie Perry or Zac Efron (interestingly they were among the top retweeted and mentioned users in the corpus of tweets related to Rio2016), while others were talking about the achievement and medal counts of their countries, or about brands and their sponsorships.  All this happened in over 50+ languages around the world. (more…)

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