Think Small and Shop Local – How Small Business Saturday is Changing the Face of Retail

sbs-topFirst there was Black Friday, the unofficial holiday that had dedicated bargain hunters waking up before dawn and standing in line in cold parking lots. Then came Cyber Monday, the day when employees who should have been working were busy shopping for bargains online. For the past few years, however, those two shopping days have been joined by a new entry. (more…)

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Using Influencers on Instagram can Grow your Business – What you Need to Know

instagram-influencersBuilding a successful online business isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it activity. You need to constantly be looking for new ways to grow your company. One excellent way to build your online business is to integrate influencers into your growth strategy. Using influencer marketing to grow your company not only extends the reach of your brand, it gives brand ambassadors another opportunity to grow their influence at the same time. (more…)

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Understanding Instagram Brand Monitoring Using Scraawl


We continue highlighting Scraawl’s Instagram capabilities with an exploration of its Brand Monitoring function and how it can identify key influencers in an industry. 

There are, of course, multiple ways to approach a problem in data analytics. Take, for example, the following case study on influencers on Instagram.

We want to monitor brand influencers in “Tech” on the social media platform and we want to know if these Instagram techies have any overlapping keywords.

Let’s say we pick five accounts that have already shown some promise as potential influencers in the tech field: @isocialfanz, @detroitborg, @jaimierivera, @CarlosGil83, @austinnotduncan.

(Stay tuned for a following article this week on these Instagram influencers!)


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Unlocking Instagram Location Insights through Scraawl

screenshot-7A lot of attention has been paid to Scraawl’s extensive Twitter capabilities, but Scraawl’s Instagram functions can’t be overlooked, especially when looking for ways to streamline workflows and searches.

If you’re interested in searching locally for the social media impact of a business or event, a region-based search offers the necessary geographic accuracy.

Or perhaps you are more interested in information-gathering and would like to get a sense of a particular city or town. A region-based search can give you real-time analytics on trending users and top words.  

Find out how to unlock insights into a location with these steps.


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Keyword Monitoring: Building Trust through Online Presence

keyword monitoringA good online marketing campaign involves more than search engine optimization. Along with your analytic tools, keyword monitoring offers the chance to increase your visibility and build a broader link profile. Google Alerts and Brand24 are popular tools that businesses use for marketing strategies. Google Alerts serve all sorts of purposes. You can set alerts to track companies, people, products, and topics. You basically set up keywords and phrases that you would like to monitor across the Internet. You will receive alerts every time your specified words come up in online conversations and postings. You can customize the schedule for alerts to suit your campaign needs. (more…)

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Social Media and Truffled Tater Tots: Tampa’s Top 3 Twitterific Eateries


As a millennial and Tampa native, I’ve spent the last 30 years growing up in and with this remarkable city. In that time, I’ve experienced social media’s explosion, from the now antiquated Myspace to the plethora of platforms available today. I have also happily born witness to the transformation of our culinary landscape from big brand blandness to foodie Mecca. Tampa was recently rated number 4 in WalletHub’s Best and Worst Foodie Cities Report, and it’s no surprise. From classic brands like Bern’s Steak House, to new and eclectic eateries such as Ulele’s and Datz at the other end of the spectrum, it has never been a better time to have fully functional taste buds. With so many innovative offerings popping up I was surprised to notice how many had failed to embrace social media, and Twitter more specifically, to gather insights into their audience.  (more…)

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A Deep Dive into Scraawl’s RSS News Feeds feature


Where do you go to tune in to the latest news? These days most people turn to their phone or go online, accessing applications that collect a variety of sources from across the web.

These phone or web applications are often based on RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds and the applications are called “news aggregators.”

But what if you want more than the news?

With its RSS News Feeds feature, Scraawl gives you more– you can see the topology of the news and then deep dive into analysis. This feature allows you to not only track a subject/keyword but to then refine your search with the latest news, the top feeds associated with the subject, as well as the top words, the top places, and the top languages related to it.

So instead of just reading the news on a subject, you can conduct data-driven analysis on said subject’s impact.

Let’s walk through Scraawl so you too can use it to save time, find relevant content, and have access to more analytics that analyze the feed results you searched for.


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Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and Blockchain

bitcoinscraawl2016 has seen more businesses (both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar) start accepting cryptocurrencies, in particular, Bitcoin. According to Coinmap, a crowdsourced website that tracks businesses that accept Bitcoin as a method of payment, there has been more than a 12% increase in such businesses in the first 9 months of 2016. While the revenues from Bitcoin are still a fraction of overall revenue (in 2014,, Inc. reported approximately $3M in Bitcoin sales compared to $1.5B overall revenue), the expectations for wider adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have never been higher. For example, Rand Merchant Bank research found that cryptocurrencies could make up to 40% of banks’ revenue if it becomes a global standard,, Inc. invested in Medici, a division launched in 2014 to explore potential applications for blockchain technology, Microsoft Corporation is offering Blockchain-as-a-Service (BAAS) as part of its Azure cloud platform, and McKinsey&Company’s research claims, “…blockchains, the technology underpinning the cryptocurrency, have the potential to revolutionize the world economy.” (more…)

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