Can You Really Find Local Clients Using Social Media?

scraawl local clientsLocal businesses might offer their products and services globally, but they typically will have built their foundations on acquiring regional customers. If, for example, you run a local marketing company, it is far easier to meet potential clients when they are in close proximity to you. Most businesses do, however, understand the importance of developing a visible online presence. Rather than simply creating a website and hoping customers find you, though, it is possible to uncover your ideal clients on social media. With the right strategy in place, it can be relatively easy to find leads receptive to your offers. (more…)

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How to Gain More Followers on Your Tumblr Blog

tumblrTumblr is an exciting, thriving social media platform. Whether your Tumblr blog is for your business, or if you use it as a personal outlet, one of the best ways to remain engaged with its community is to have as many followers as possible. Following these proactive tips will have a large amount of people following your blog before you know it.


Tagging your posts is a primary way to provide visibility to your content. Tumblr’s tag functionality, much like hashtags on Twitter, allows a user to search for any given topic. Without tagging your posts, your blog and its content will essentially remain invisible. (more…)

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The Top 5 Scraawl Features Coming In 2017


In 2016 big data became a fact of life. Once a trendy buzzword mentioned but not quite understood, insights from data analytics now drive most, if not all, major industries.

The Scraawl team is constantly working to improve the product so that customers can have access to the most comprehensive and accurate social media analytics. 2017 will be no exception as the Scraawl team iterates intelligently, expanding available features, services, and pricing options.


Here are the top 5 features to expect from Scraawl in the new year:



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Analyzing Virtual Connected Health Conference


Full Scraawl analytics can be found here.

The Connected Health Conference is the premier international conference and expo for the exchange of research, evidence, ideas, innovations, and opportunities in connected health. This year’s event was hosted by the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA). Its agenda was full of speeches and discussions by healthcare stakeholder leaders sharing of new research, actionable knowledge such as best practices, lessons learned, and conclusive case studies, and most importantly voicing the future direction. As with formerly known as mHealth Summit, the primary attraction was the exhibit floor with health IT vendors showcasing their products and platforms, but this time it has almost all vendors backing up demonstration with sales and partnerships – which tells how Connected Health industry has matured over the years.


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The Top Tech Gifts for the Holidays and Their Brands on Twitter

techgiftblogscraawlwpThis year the Nest Cam, the HTC Vive,  and the Echo Dot have been popular items on holiday gift guides. Indeed, smart home products and virtual reality gear have been trending all year but what do these products have in common?

They all have major followings on Twitter (have a look at The 5 keys to a Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign to learn more).

Using Scraawl’s social media analytics, we explore the buzz surrounding these tech toys to gauge their effectiveness on social media during the holiday season.

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Understanding Instagram Brand Monitoring Using Scraawl


We continue highlighting Scraawl’s Instagram capabilities with an exploration of its Brand Monitoring function and how it can identify key influencers in an industry. 

There are, of course, multiple ways to approach a problem in data analytics. Take, for example, the following case study on influencers on Instagram.

We want to monitor brand influencers in “Tech” on the social media platform and we want to know if these Instagram techies have any overlapping keywords.

Let’s say we pick five accounts that have already shown some promise as potential influencers in the tech field: @isocialfanz, @detroitborg, @jaimierivera, @CarlosGil83, @austinnotduncan.

(Stay tuned for a following article this week on these Instagram influencers!)


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